An Overview of UK game conventions

Every year in the United Kingdom multiple game conventions with multiple genres are hosted attracting several gamers, children, and adults of all around the UK and even the whole world. As we are approaching the end of 2018 after the upcoming Christmas break, you should be considering conventions hosted in 2019 as they actually are many to count. Here are some of the major UK meetups coming up.

Handy ConOpening the massively waited new year comes HandyCon at the 18th of January lasting three days to end at 20th of January. The Board Gaming convention is to specifically be held at Holiday Inn Maidenhead at Manor Lane, Berkshire SL6 2RA, United Kingdom. You can get your ticket at the HandyCon registration desk near the hotel entrance. The event will have an open gaming area available for the for all intents and purposes entire event duration. A games library, tournaments, demos, charity, food, drink, and accommodation can be specifically found at HandyCon.

Another great gaming convention in the UK is Contingency. Running from 23rd to 27th of January 2019, the 5 days event will take place at Sales Leisure Resort, Hunstanton, Norfolk PE365BB. Contingency will be hosting fairly many different types of games as RPG, board games, card games, and LARP. Booking for Contingency can be done through their facebook page. Charity, food, drink, and accommodation can also be mostly found at Contingency in addition to many gaming events found there. Contingency is definitely one of the best UK board gaming conventions.

Finally, another UK specific meeting are to be hosted in February 2019 as PAW2019 (Plymouth Association of Wargamers) hosted from 2nd to 3rd of February at Honicknole Lane, and the 1 day Dudley Bug Ball convention running from 10:00 am till before the midnight for RPG, board games, and war games.

So which game conventions UK of 2019 are you willing to attend?